Jeanne Kalogridis

The burning times people

The story of the Knights Templar is certainly one of the most interesting in history. The Order of the Knights of the Temple was founded during the Crusades; its purpose was to protect pilgrims en route to the Holy Land, and to protect the Temple in Jerusalem now that it had fallen under Christian control

But in the early 14th century, the French King Philip the Fair envied the order because of its great wealth after all, they had supposedly been privy to the magical secrets hidden within Solomons Temple. Philip denounced the Knight's revered leader, Jacques de Molay, as a magician and Devil-worshipper. De Molay was burned at the stake along with many of his peers, and those Templars who were not arrested and executed were forced to flee the country for their lives.

Many conflicting ideas exist about the Knights Templar today. Most historians feel that they were precisely what they appeared to be an order of knights who guarded the Temple and were simply unfortunates who got caught up in Philips scheme to seize their riches for himself. Some people see them as dastardly Satan-worshippers, while others believe that the Templars did learn the magical secrets of Solomon and other profound secrets hidden from the rest of the world, yet they use their knowledge to do good. In fact, certain magical orders which exist today claim to be descended from the Templars, and to know their secrets.