Jeanne Kalogridis

The Borgia Bride People

Meet our newlyweds, Sancha and Jofre (she’s the taller, better-looking one on the left – although I must say, I’m sorry they made her wear that silly crown). I suspect that this is not a particularly flattering portrait of Sancha; historians raved about her beauty. I think Jofre here looks strikingly like Alexander, who was rumored not to be his father.







Here is the lovely Lucrezia as the wise and learned Saint Catherine; the entire mural “The Disputation of Saint Catherine” by Pinturicchio appears in the Sala dei Santi (The Hall of the Saints) in the Borgia Apartments.










And here is her proud father, the wily Rodrigo Borgia in his guise as Pope Alexander VI. Hard to picture him as a ladies’ man, isn’t it? Guess there’a a lot to be said for his personality.









I saved the best – or would it be the worst? – for last. Here is the sly gentleman we all love to hate, Machiavelli’s perfect “prince,” the dashing Cesare Borgia. If you like dark and dangerous, it’s easy to see why Sancha fell for him.